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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and students made several demands. >> in the future in all campuses there will not be any use of violence. and. >> the uc president and regents were asked to sign a pledge asking for reforms to proposition 13, and a higher tax on the wealthyest 1%. >> you can open that up. >> udoff said he'd review demands, but when the comment period ended students decided to take over the meeting. >> facilitate this discussion. >> the protesters were so loud, regent koz not continue with their meeting. they cleared the room. the only one to stay was lieutenant governor gavin newsom. he was then invited to join the protest. >> will you join us?.
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>> this caused regents to delay they're meeting. they resumed and voted to ask the state legislature for more funding. governor brown asked the department of finance to negotiate with the uc president. he's trying to avoid a tuition hike. >> i'm sick and tired of sacramento private tiesing university of california. i didn't cut our budget. that was cut in the last two years by the state of california f they have a gripe, that is my nightmare that, it will be private tiesed. >> and protestors left the building. president udoff asked a prominent civil rights attorney to be part of the task force to investigate charges of excessive force by
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police. >> and the use of force, thank you very much. and the number one item on the agenda this afternoon, abc 7's nick smith joins use good evening. today uc berkeley's academic senate held a special meeting. the first time students had an opportunity to hear their chancellor apologize about the force used by november 9th. >> and the uc berkeley chancellor said before a packed room of teachers and activists to apologize for the events of november 9. >> i was unhappy with how events unfolded. >> this month police used batons to break through a line of protester who's linked their arms. the video went viral sparking national outrage. >> i think they need to vote no confidence in our
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administration. >> mandy was part of the demonstration to protest higher tu yismgts now she and others are here to address the academic senate directly. >> i think this shouldn't happen. >> the role of the senate is to provide framework for university governing. the decisions made here carry weight of the faculty. >> finding a way to go forward that helps us as a campus and as a university is an important thing to think about. >> the professor has one of several proposals being presented today. >> they're nonviolent with violence initiated by the police unjustified to the level of injuring our students and our colleagues. this is what we want to have. >> the uc berkeley police officers issued an open letter to the public. in it they mentioned their mission to better serve students and faculty members and how they welcome ideas yaz
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to avoid future confrontation. >> there is a right to people protesting. we have a long history that have here at berkeley. we hope that we'll not see a repeat of this what appears to have been happened on november 9th. >> they'll now review and consider the proposals. they decide how to move forward. >> thank you very much. and student activists at uc davis staged a general strike today. demonstrators marched to protest against rising tuition and cuts ask rallied against a pepper spraying of seated prot kbrefters by campus police. and one student joined the protest. >> we'll not stand for an administration not accountable for its actions and we dmot stand for tuition increase
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autos we don't want to fall behind. it's right before finals. you can't afford to miss something that might be important. >> and most students peddled around campus and tended to class projects. >> occupy activists saying they'll retake frank gogowa plaza tomorrow at noon saying they do plan to hold a 24 hour, seven day per week vigil this, is video of police tearing down the encampment two weeks ago. saying lodgings will not be allowed. in los angeles hundreds of protesters are ignoring a midnight eviction deadline and vn been camped out almost two whos. today mayor villaraigosa announced police will not make more arrests for the moment after arresting four people today. the protesters have filed a restraining order in court hoping to stop stit from
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forcing them out. their attorneys hope for a ruling by wednesday. >> the mother of a state fire fight skbrer war veteran said she has hope he'll recover. police say someone ran him down on thanksgiving. officials released surveillance images of the unidentified suspect. the person they're looking for yesterday. he and the victim got into a fight thanksgiving morning at a jack in the box. when bartal walked to a gas station, police say the man got into his suv and plowed right into him. >> he endured eight hours of surgery and four days of life support. i believe god has a purpose for his life. i don't believe that purpose ended on thursday. >> tonight he is still in critical condition with a traumatic brain jury he is a former marine who served in
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iraq. >> homeowners in south san francisco waiting to hear what caused friday's huge water main break that damaged several homes and dozens of cars. abc 7 tried to get answers today perfect sources inside of the pipeline company and officials at san francisco public utilities commission. >> friday's break was a geyser, water shooting 60 feet into the air. the san francisco public utilities commission responsible for the pipeline says that it lost a million gallons of water and more than two hours before workers were able to shut off the torrent. a half dozen homes were damaged and a dozen cars flooded. ken got home from thanksgiving weekend and found two cars full of water. >> yeah. very nice. you'll see what they'll do. >> and they're promising to pay their claims,.
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>> pipe dale. it's over there. >> this is a pipe installed about a month ago. next to the home. the bolts what held the pipe together were laid out next to the whole. after workers saw our camera they put a tarp over the pipe. saying there was a lot of arguing about the pipe when installed. >> just this way. no. no. we're going do think the way. >> you can hear that? >> that is all i heard. they were here forever did you think i was usual. >> sources would not go on camera tell me the big pipe that burs wasn't the first pipe that broke friday admitting the first was smaller. and official with south san francisco not authorized to
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speak on camera confirmed older pipes were damaged and if those smaller pipes bursed and washed away dirt around the new pipe that could cause the new joint to fail. a spokesman for the public utilities commission said today that is a plausible explanation but not one he's ready to sign off on. he says it will take three or four days before they know what happened and before they're willing to talk about it. residents spent the day looking for personal belongings among runz of saturday's fire. 60 people were displaced, most were able to move into vacant units. investigators say it appears that an unattended pan of cooking oil started this fire. it destroyed eight units, damaging eight more, many say they were lucky enough to have rental insurance. damage estimated at $2 million. >> some residents are fuming over a caltrans project
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forcing them to make a lengthy detour for the next two years, drivers will need to make an 11 mile detour just to get out of the neighborhood. and wayne freedman has the story. >> western drive. with pavement so empty when people do drive they ignore stop signs. and there is a road and a controversy at worst. >> hunkering down. >> i'm hoping that it's just, you know, a staff member who just wasn't paying attention. >> here is the problem. an $8 million plan approached and the process there would be no eastbound access. cars and trucks would need to go 11 miles out of the way to
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marin county and back before going one exit east. officials say caltrans never discussed it with them. >> i thought there should be a discussion if there is a better way to do it. >> at point san pablo yacht harbor, eric johnson says caltrans offered free toll passes. >> this is just the reality of the situation, stuff wears out. caltrans spent a lot of time. trying to figure out the best way to make access for everybody. the safest way. >> but not the best way in terms of relation was local governments. >> i would say that we've got to do better. and i think we're going to see some responsiveness right now. >> this afternoon, we did finally hear from a district manager, who told news his pp, this controversy has been
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blown out of pro portion. he told us it's fill stil in preliminary stages and will not be moving ahead until everyone is on the scene same page. from point richmond abc 7 news. >> and still to come here tonight honoring heroes into different ways. first an east bay city pays tribute to one of its own. >> san francisco celebrates four people who risked their own lives to pull a man from a burning car. >> i'm leigh glaser, high pressure bringing up a dry weather pattern but also going to bring us strong winds. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up. >> and later tonight with plenty of deals to be had, find out if cyber monday could match a frenzy of black friday. the news at 6:00 continues.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the body of a danville marin returned home today. today residents of his hometown are turned out in force to honor his sacrifice. and laura anthony joins with us the story. >> here the community has come together to mourn the loss of one family's son. he's a marine. they're proud to call one of their own. a charter jet carrying the body of joshua carral greet bid his family and vet
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transpresent and past saluting his service and sacrifice. his flag-draped coffin was driven to his hometown in a procession led by california patrol. this is what it looked like from the perspective of one of the he is skorts. this first passed by san ramone valley high school where he was a well loved student athlete. >> just a great person. always the life of the party. very happy. you know? just a light-spirited guy. >> people need to know what real heroes are. there are gay that's lay their lives on the line, every day. >> then, drofg through town, thousands lined streets, flags in hand, salutes at the ready. and also plenty of tears. >> this brings a community together. it's wonder tofl see people
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coming out. >> his friends say that his regular leg gassy will be greater than this last chapter of life. >> he went into marines straight out of school. he knew what he wanted to do. and he really made an impact on everyone. >> his body was brought here, funeral services set for wednesday. >> thank you. >> and honors tonight for four men who carried out bravery you don't see every day. they're all from san francisco. the mayor thanked them for risking their lives to save a suspected drunk driver whose car bursed into flames. this good samaritan helped drag the driver from the flames.
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the fire chief says the driver would have likely perished in the flames. >> wow. >> and there is leigh glaser here. >> much of the fog lifted. and this looks like fog lifted for now. will redevelop overnight tonight. and we can be into the same scenario in the morning. high definition camera and you can see all of the holiday lights in the background there. and there is fog started to lift. it's hazy out there. the fog will be redeveloping into interior valley areas. we do not have a dense fog advisory in effect for the bay area. and there is a he look at readings, it's chilly in napa.
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46 degrees now. 54 in san francisco as well as redwood city. mountain view, clear skies. there is 50 degrees and high clouds out towards antioch. 52. and there is areas of dense fog tonight. possibly not as wide spread and dense as what we had to deal with this morning. and this looks like mild, dry conditions, wednesday morning, thursday, there is some strong winds that will develop. here is our lows tonight. temperatures into mid to low 40s in many locations. we'll go to 48 san francisco. oakland dipping to 47 degrees and 45 in san jose.
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help developed and it's going to continue to bring us a dry weather pattern throughout the week. long range forecast model suggesting we're probably aren't going get rain until middle of next week. so dry conditions will be with us. we're keeping an eye on this area of low pressure. there is early wednesday morning you'll notice this moves east of us. there is a tight greatent that is going to mean strong winds developing. there are winds and we're looking for gusts possibly as high as 55 miles per hour. and there is a potential we can have power hin problems and down in the potential
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downed trees. here is a look at highs for tomorrow. there is a little bit more sunshine. temperatures up for campel. we'll look for 62 half moon bay. and san francisco, you'll warm to 60 degree was hazy sunshine. 64 santa rosa. 61 nappa. east bay, oakland tomorrow into 60s with 63 interior east bay. and depending on when that lifts. we'll warm you up a little bit. there is mild conditions all week, winds pick up and dry pattern stays with us through next week. >> lovely. thank you. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, better late than never. >> just head compromise will finally allow crab season to get underway. stay with us.
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well, after a teal yeah, crab season is underway. >> and so the boats went out this morning. one observer said it was like a wild west land rush, one after another, crab boats quickly heading tout ocean. >> there are about 150 boat out in the water from bodega bay to san francisco. there is a bitter battle over price that kept them in the bay. fishermen wanted $250 for their patch.
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in the end they reached a compromise. >> is this okay with you?. >> not really. if we don't get going we're going to have bad weather. >> and we're told the decision came after fishermen decided to break ranks and accept a deal forcing locals to go along. $2.25 per pound, 50 cents more than last year's price. the crabbers say it does not keep pace with the increasing costs of the fuel, gear and bait. larry collins is president of the san francisco crab boat owner autos we didn't get quite what we wanted. expenses have gone up. price of crab hasn't but we did get another quarter per pound. enough we've been tide up too lochblgt everybody needs to go to work. >> buyers are relieved. the dispute is over. >> at this point almost whatever it took to get them
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moving because only people they were hurting besides themselves, they didn't realize, it's the could be assumer. >> they're ready to tryout new crab dishes as well as favorites. >> cracked cold crab. nice anchor beer or glass of chardonnay and fresh sour dough bread. start with that. >> you can expect it perhaps by tomorrow n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we wnt knt wait. >> retailers licking their chops, too. success of cyber monday but there is something you need to look out for. >> and explosive new allegations against presidential hopeful herman cain. accused of having a 13 year long affair. >> a feud that triggered this fight. find out more about what happened as the news continues. ñ @bñbñbñbñbñbñbñbñ
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the nation's retailers enjoying record sales as holiday shopping season kicks off. today is cyber mochblt estimated 122 million americans are expected to point and click their way to holiday shopping list. abc 7's david louie joins us live from our bureau with the latest. david? >> toys and electronics are sounding well online. and so are home goods. those are things such as bedding, furniture and kitchen wear which has not sold well over the past two years. people are online all the time. so it's no surprise that shopping on cyber monday comes naturally. >> and you don't have to be in the rush for shopping. >> you want to avoid crowds? >> yes. it's crazy out there. >> this year, shoppers are
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crazy about using mobile devices. john squire tracks commerce. >> this is a standout. and the growth of just sales going through devices is 250%. >> there is e mailers using their usual come ons. however, best buy added a twist. pick up in a store and you can get a $10 e card. this pro he isor's retail management institute says it's a novel way to lure you in to do impulse shopping. >> if you want to buy online, great. and if i just let you pick up and walk way, you're going to walk away. and i'm going give you an e card. >> consumers say they shop to avoid impulse buying. >> and i'm impulsively picking
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things up about 150 web sites have been cut putt out of business for selling counter fits. immigration and customs blocked them from the internet. >> there are really good deals out there. i think it's just keeping us up on our toes and we're able to offer some great deals this year. >> and by tonight cyber monday sales expected to hit $1.2 billion. up from last year. >> and there is a growing debt crisis dominated talks between president obama and european union leaders, they met today and with the european council and commission president at
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his side, president obama told reporters europe is responsible for fixing debt problems and did, however, acknowledge the sizeable stake the u.s. has and pledged to continue working towards a solution. >> if europe is be contracting or having difficulties that is more difficult for us to create good jobs here at hoax we send many of our products and services to europe. >> and there is a hope for a solution to the debt crisis and a strong start to the holiday shopping season sent markets skyrocketing today. dow jones finished up. and nasdaq jumped almost 86. s and p 500 closing nearly 34 points higher. >> investigators want to learn about a defunk investment firm run by two former 49ers
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legends. bloomberg news reports they're trying to determine if they misled investors as it struggled in 2008. ah -- the systems and star athletes. the sec trying to determine if they improperly shifted debt to pay back loans to credit tore autos republican presidential candidate herman cain is on damage control after a woman come forward claiming there was a 13 year extramarital affair and says the affair ended eight months ago. and just moments before cain made a denil. >> i acknowledge i knew the woman but the accusation i had a 13 year affair with her? no. >> he made it intriguing. waits fun. it was something that took me away from my sort of hum-drum
6:35 pm
life at the time. >> four other women accused cain. he denies wrong doing and says he has no plans to drop out of the race. >> in washington, d.c. representative barney frank announced he's retiring. he has been in office since 1980 and was the first member of congress to come out as gay. he says originally intended to run for one more term but says massachusetts knew redistricting map will include people he's never represented before. frank says after leaving congress he plans to write and stay involved in public policy decisions. >> millions of egyptians went to the polls today and people waited in line for hours to cast their vote.
6:36 pm
demonstrators point out the election is being run by the same government administrator that's oversaw elections under mubarak. >> and just ahead, savings big with coupon autos coming up next, michael finney has a winning strategy for savings. and where you can find best deals out there. stay with us.
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whether you're shopping or hitting the mall, coupons can
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be a great way to save money. >> where to look for best deals. >> this was a fun story. do you know savings is not just good financial sense but for some, it's an adventure, a survey found eight out of 10 women would seek a sale, even if money were no object. a winning strategy for those people and rest of us, too. coupons as much a part of shopping as credit cards. >> if you're not going online, you're leaving free money behind. >> it seems many ever doing that. 51% of the shoppers surveyed say they print coupons from the internet. and we asked to name the three best web sites. number three? free you get codes for free shipping when you bri bye online. >> if you can save on shippinging you've saved off the top. >> two, retail me
6:40 pm
there, you can find discount codes for your online shopping. >> it's a few qlerts or numbers typed into a box at check out this, is where we're talking about saving 20% to 25%. getting free shipping sometimes. and that can save big money. >> number one rated web site, >> this is where you go for every day items. your personal care items. and this is also a new kid on the block claiming to come bint best of all three and more. users of coupon can find discounts and codes from 2000 merchants. free shipping coupons are available there. and this main attraction, ability to resale deals you don't want. >> if you get a gift card for a store you're not interested in it's going to sit in the
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sock drawer. and you may never use it. $65 million a day in gift cards goes unused. >> and you can set a price but they take 10% as commission that. is different from a site like plastic jungle buying from you, and offers you a price based on demand. >> so it's smart to shop around. and make sure you can get the most for it. >> type the word coupon and the product you want into any search engine and watch what comes up. that is generally the easiest way to find a deal. and you'll catch a code. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and coming up talking to people about fixing u.s. economy. >> coming up next forget experts. we want to know what 99% think what needs to
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guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? in this economy, home values have plummeted and jobs
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are scare but what needs to be done to fix it all? tonight i talk with people about what they see as solutions. >> how many of you are deeply concerned about the state of the economy? raise your hands. >> we recruited this group inviting them to the voice box to hear what they have to say about the economy. >> a lot of people feel left behind. >> these are real people facing realities of the biggest recession since the great redepregs. >> we became too needy on the government. >> a great many are frustrated by the slow growth of the u.s. economy. the federal government says it grew just 2.5% from june through september. consumer confidence in october fell to lowest level since the height of the recession in 2009. home prices are flat. unemployment at 9% nationally. and many feel politics is playing a role in preventing it from getting better.
6:46 pm
>> i think parties can have disagreements on principal what. we're seeing now is unwillingness for bipartisa bipartisanship. >> a lack of jobs and stagnant wage autos is that a common experience? you've heard people applying for dozens of positions? >> i applied to 10 so far in the week or so. and nobody called me back yet. because of the excess at the top. because of the decline of the real value of minimum wage and union jobs and so this is shrinking at the bottom, growing at the top. >> that they're trying to do is reduce wages. they want to make profits. >> the state unemployment rate hovers around 11%. bay area doing slightly better. 9%. >> one of -- my neighbor had to sell the house. they cannot afford to pay. >> home values in the bay area
6:47 pm
plummeted 45% since mid 2007. that is when they're at their peak. last month it was down to $365,000. >> big banks, too big to fail are now too scared to make loan autos these taxpayers believe now is the time for the banking industry to give something back. >> hold off. let people pay what you can. pay what you can. they'll get back to it. these banks are going to survive. >> they want to see home loans readjusted to today's values. >> this is what happened. >> after all, they say taxpayer money funded a bailout in 2008. and that is one idea. >> drastic change has to be made. i think that people on the top nobody wants to give up nothing.
6:48 pm
>> we have to fix education. we make cuts to education. kids aren't learning what they need to learn to enter middle class. it's either enough money to earn a degree and make big bucks or you're stuck in below poverty level. >> everything you want want is not going to come tomorrow. >> and there is no magic want wand. we have to work hard. >> we have to take a look at the labor market. that is not where the problem is. >> how many of you feel it will be okay and america will return to broader prosperity? we want to hear what have you to say about the economy. join by going to our facebook or twitter page. people are talking.
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leo d says problem isn't a revenue issue. the problem is a spending issue. and there is a revolt, we need a revolution like 1776. join us tomorrow at 6:00. we'll talk to top economists in the nation. >> that is so interesting to hear. >> great to hear from people who are affect fwhid. >> yes. >> let's turn now to leigh glaser. >> we're going to see more sunshine. it's going to tlans wait. 65s in san. 64 san jose. and watch this tomorrow, you can start off with morning fog there is hollister, 62. winds big problem early wednesday morning and thursday,
6:50 pm
over hills with those winds that are developing. there are gusts up to 40 miles per hour. so there is a wind watch. they'll calm dourng we'll see sunshine and clouds. >> thank you. >> and. >> firefighters and elves started handing out toys to families in need today. and they can use your help, you can drop off items and we have links to this and other toy drives at abc 7 >> there is more still to come tonight. >> what hugh jackson thinks of the win streak. and the practice field sighting fwound please fans. c
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, don't shop here. the company telling consumers not to buy products today on this cyber monday. then at 11:00 the facebook ipo. no longer a matter of if, but when.
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those stories and more coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 we'll see you then. >> now, time for sports. mike shumann is here. >> right. and i know you're both raider fan autos yes. >> and raiders despite injuries held off bears yesterday with six field goals and some south bee defense. wide receiver both out for the silver and block with a franchise record six field goals and scoring in the fourth quarter for the first time in six games winning 25-20 to remain in first place. >> this is one characteristic of a championship football team. you've got do. sometimes put your head down, keep working and that is what they're doing. at this point into the season, 11 games into it with an opportunity to control our own destiny is all you want. >> 49ers over that thanksgiving turkey.
6:55 pm
and are looking forward to sunday. it was a wake up call to the fact they're nine and two, and still have work to do if they want to go deep into playoffs, they can clench with a win, sunday. coach not looking past rams. >> we may ab head of the chip count but not and zront a seat at the table. so that is, we need to focus on this game. we're going to be aware of what winning does for us. yes, we'd like to win this sunday. >> there is san forward ranked fourth in the bcs bowl but there is a weekend of college football left. today david shaw named pack 12 coach of the year and andrew luck played offensive player
6:56 pm
of the year throwing for 35 touchdowns. and 80 career td passes. and michael kendrik in the conference and he also picked off two passes and registered three sacks. coaching carousel began today. dennis ericson after five years and a 31-30 record. ucla fired rick newhighsal. and urban myer taking over after spending last year brafd booth. feistiness of a coach never goes away. 73-year-old tries to give nemesis a peace offering in the form of a flower at a lunchen. oscar refuses the flou yes,
6:57 pm
and slapz him with his cane. joe retaliates with a right to the kisser, these guys are 70 years old, hatred goes back to the 1963 gray up with a controversial hit. the most competitive-guy i know. that doesn't surprise me.. >> that exploded. >> 73 years old. >> unbelievable. >> he went down. i hope they're okay. >> hopefully, he's okay. >> all right. and with that, we're happy to be working here. and i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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